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high-load systems development

Considering the development of a high-load system leaves you with doubts? Just click here to drop your request and share the idea to be realized. We want to create solutions with flawless functionality, fast and brilliant performance. Each and every time, we conduct thorough test to make sure that the application works properly, and to avoid unexpected turns during its exploitation. Our diligent team consists of engineers responsible for design, architecture and all the back-end challenges. We combine our creativity and wits to come to grips with your specific requirements and produce a customized, reliable and powerful solution.

Technology Consulting

High-load systems will allow them to handle those numbers easily. ETL solutions improve quality by performing data cleansing prior to loading the data to a different repository. The SDH team successfully developed a unique engine for our project that automatically scales depending on the required workload. Thanks to the expertise of the SDH development team, we were able to reduce our hosting costs by 60-70%, while simultaneously improving content accessibility for our users. The SDH team also integrated audio and video streaming technologies and are actively pursuing AI development for the projects internal needs. Our experts are always on hand to provide integrated and comprehensive security solutions.

Customers end up abandoning whatever services are being provided. To prevent this from happening, platforms should be built using a high-load architecture. When designing such projects, you need to understand that there are no standard solutions that would be suitable for any high-load system.

Evaluating an airline’s website that will be launching a flight promotion offer and is expecting 10,000+ users at a time. Performing calculations, translations, or summarizations based on the raw data. This can include changing row and column headers for consistency, converting currencies or other units of measurement, editing text strings, and more. These values are calculated based on several factors, including both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance periods, as well as the time to recover from a possible system failure. We are looking for an extraordinary project for web-development.

All mini-accounts are connected to the same smart payment card. Such a system grants an intuitive finance-management system that helps to balance spending and adjust habits to achieve financial goals. GongBox Music Platform GongBox is an app that combines music-streaming and social-networking elements to become a home for African music. Wherever you are in the world, GongBox gives you access to the library of the continent’s music of any genre. Created by African artist Black Coffee, GongBox allows musicians to stay independent, owning 100% of their creations.

The App Solutions: High load application development

Multiple redundant nodes must be connected together as a cluster where each node should be equally capable of failure detection and recovery. For instance, a system that guarantees 99% of availability in a period of one year can have up to 3.65 days of downtime (1%). Totally 16 microservices running in Kubernetes cluster, with various resources and replicas depending on service importance with autoscaling. SDH Contractor Services will provide you with off-site staff members to assist your team with additional IT and Digital skills. With development hubs in US and Europe, SDH can guarantee that each contractor will have a stellar skillset and optimal rates.

Automatic upscaling and downscaling based on active users with 20% extra resources to smooth out bursts. Implemented a AI-based solution for recognizing serial numbers of devices in photographs. Data was collected in the database and transferred to the client system with more than 100,000 photos. Software development of industrial solutions of any complexity. White Label Lending Platform Geniusee delivered a fully automated tool to match lenders and businesses. We created a secure, automated platform combining innovative cloud software, leading-edge privacy…

TealHeal is the medical office where parts of the electronic health record system are cloud based. SDH is a Software Development Hub driven by the latest and disruptive technologies. We’re ready for a long road flight for working with a week- or months-long projects. Learn about the key features and advantages of the semantic web. Geniusee Charity Fund Our work is global, but Geniusee’s homeland is Ukraine. We live here—more than 80% of the team.Business continuity planning Geniusee promptly prepared and executed our BCP when Russian forces invaded Ukraine, our homeland and an independent state.

High-load Systems Development

A flexible architecture makes it as easy and fast as possible to make changes to the project and, in the future, facilitates product support. Unique technology solutions to provide excellent customer experience on the frontend and flawless operation on the backend. The development of high-load web applications and systems like Printique requires serious work at the backend. To process data loads of various sizes, high load systems use its ability to scale out. Scalability allows a system to handle traffic, to add storage capacity and the possible number of transactions to be carried out. This powerful software is capable of processing connections and requests just in the blink of an eye.

Most business owners do not quickly understand the essence of developing a high-load system. When running projects, their priority is saving money; they are not keen on spending real money on functionalities without direct returns. Let’s talk about the means through which The App solutions create high-performance & large-scale web apps.

high-load systems development

Equip your project with the best-fitting skills and technologies. Explore the key differences and benefits of telehealth and telemedicine with this comprehensive guide. Learn how these innovative healthcare solutions are revolutionizing the industry and making medical services accessible to everyone. For example, a company can redistribute its solution to more servers if it expects a surge in load.

Welcome to the developer cloud

High availability is an important subset of reliability engineering, focused towards assuring that a system or component has a high level of operational performance in a given period of time. At a first glance, its implementation might high load systems seem quite complex; however, it can bring tremendous benefits for systems that require increased reliability. SDH has a special branch dedicated to IT Security, made up of talented experts in the field from all over the world.

Each development project has its own needs and conditions that should be reflected in the contract. When working with Apriorit, you can choose the work scheme that suits your particular project. Our experts can work as a part of your dedicated development team, deliver a project at a fixed price, or calculate time and materials for your project. Get your in-house and outsourcing specialists to work together as one team.

High-load architecture

When server-side systems are overwhelmed, this will result in a crash, and multiple problems will escalate. Load balancing ensures that work is effectively distributed. The technologies offer redundancy, thus, regulating increasing network or traffic loads. For instance, data can be acquired from a server that’s overwhelmed to be redistributed to other available servers.

Understanding load balancing

Our developers use a variety of up-to-date technologies to make the best decisions and protect a system from crashes and errors. Configure the load balancer to evenly distribute traffic between instances. Also, you need to keep track of the minimum number of requests for your system and add two or more instances if you anticipate a load spike. You can automate this by writing a script that controls the minimum number of interfaces.

What type of scaling should you choose for your system?

We are very happy customers and will be continuing to use DigitalMara for our future needs. Load testing helped us find out that for our customer’s system, the most suitable instance configuration was 4 CPUs, 8 GB RAM, unlimited traffic, and no third-party services limits. Such an instance can process 60 to 120 requests per minute, or 2 to 3 requests per second, before crashing. Knowing the approximate minimum load on the project and the capacity of one machine, we could choose an optimal instance. For example, during development and testing of our customer’s system, up to 10 people worked with it simultaneously.


Lead your project from an idea to successful release with precise estimates, detailed technical research, strong quality assurance, and professional risks management. Take software apart to make it better Our reversing team can assist you with research of malware, closed data formats and protocols, software and OS compatibility and features. We can also analyze IP rights violation cases and support undocumented code. This involves compiling and assaying a variety of metrics from software and physical instances.

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