NCF™ Laminated Frontlit Banner / Coated Frontlit


We PT NUCLEAR COATING FABRIC is a leading manufacturer of Frontlit Flex Banner in Indonesia and rapidly increasing around the world.

We offer a huge variety of Frontlit Flex Banner with a valuable customer satisfaction by considering the reasonable cost.

NCF™ Flexible PVC frontlit  banner is compatible with Solvent.Eco-solvent.

Printable with all banner printing machine

TypeDescriptionBase FabricWeight(g/sqm)Length(m)Width(m)Surface
NCF™ 23Laminated frontlit banner150*150D, 18*12/sq.in23080 M2,2 – 3,2 M / customglossy/ Matte
NCF™ 25Laminated frontlit banner200*200D, 18*12/sq.in25080 M2,2 – 3,2 M / customglossy/ Matte
NCF™ 26Laminated frontlit banner200*200D, 18*12/sq.in26080 M2,2 – 3,2 M / customglossy/ Matte
NCF™ 28Laminated frontlit banner200*200D, 18*12/sq.in28080 M2,2 – 3,2 M / customglossy/ Matte
NCF™ 30Laminated frontlit banner200*200D, 18*12/sq.in30070 M2,2 – 3,2 M / customglossy/ Matte
NCF™ 34Laminated frontlit banner300*300D, 18*12/sq.in34070 M2,2 – 3,2 M / customglossy/ Matte
NCF™ 38Laminated frontlit banner300*300D, 18*12/sq.in38070 M2,2 – 3,2 M / customglossy/ Matte
NCF™ 44Laminated frontlit banner500*500D, 9*12/sq.in44050 M2,2 – 3,2 M / customglossy/ Matte

Product Features

White opaque substrate for front lit display.
Soft and Delicate Surface.
Quick to absorb ink and be dry, excellent color expression.
High physical performance in tear strength and tensile strength, weather resistant.
Widely used for large format digit.
All printings, such as billboard printing, over -sized indoor / outdoor hanging.
Excellent surface smoothness.
Weather resist.
Excellent capability for all kind of digital printing machine.

Product Application

For indoor and outdoor signage.
Building signs and in store displays.
Trade show displays.
Outdoor displays.
Screen printing and billboard.

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