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When a user pauses on a series, it may react in one of the following ways depending on the value of the hoverMode property. Specifies series elements to be highlighted when a user pauses on a series. If the Chart contains many series points, displaying all of them may lower its performance. In this case, it is better to aggregate the series points, or replace a group of them with a single point.


Is a well-crafted, easy-to-use financial charting package to track and visualize the stock price of any company over a specific period using charting and range tools. During development, I was testing the class with random data, but using real market data makes a lot more sense. Luckily, there are a lot of APIs you can use to get live and historic candlestick data.

If the closing price is above the opening price, i.e. the price has increased, the candle will be green, if the price has fallen, the candle will be red. Create the HTML page where the chart will be displayed. You are welcome to contribute to this library creating new issues or pull requests. Then you will call our Timeseries API URL as shown below.

I need a javascript charting library that will fit my needs as I will elaborate. I need to be able to create multi series candlestick charts stacked ontop of volume bars, and I also need to be draw pictures on top of the data points. And I need to be able to have a range slider at the bottom to look at old datapoints.

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Specifies settings for all series of the candlestick type. A fun project to detect patterns in financial charts and add custom conditional logic for the patterns for trading. In this tutorial, I will show you how to plot forex data via an API using Javascript. We are using Highcharts, now for those who don’t know, Highcharts is a Javascript and HTML5 based chart library that is paid product for commercial use.

Rather than using a third-party solution for drawing candlestick charts , I decided to implement my own solution from scratch. While a custom implementation will have fewer features than a big library, it avoids adding another dependency to a project. Also, you can customize your own solution to a bigger degree to make it perfect for your projects. In fact, creating an easy-to-use solution was my main goal.

Because of this, series may be drawn with unnecessary gaps where missing points should have been. To remove these gaps, set the ignoreEmptyPoints property to true. If you use a series template, specify the value field properties in the commonSeriesSettings object. Otherwise, do this in the series object within the series array. DataArray is an array of OHLC objects like previous or current.

Reduction – candlestick chart javascript the price reduction properties for financial series. Declared in commonSeriesSettings, hoverStyle applies to all series in the chart. Declared in a series configuration object, hoverStyle applies to this particular series only. The series-specific hoverStyle overrides the common one. When there are multiple value axes in a chart, series need to know exactly which axis they are bound to.

I would like for an account to be and to be contacted regarding this message. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. The “wick” depicts the highest and lowest price within the interval, for example, a short price spike in the middle of the time period. The main body of the candle shows the opening and closing price .


The main candlestick draw function, full code below.Because candlestick charts over longer time periods can encompass big price ranges, it’s nice to get additional details by hovering over the chart. When you move the mouse a crosshair follows its positions and highlights the exact time and price value at the edges. It also snaps to the candles on the time axis and the hovered candle changes its color. Finally, a small popup with the exact opening, closing, high, and low price of the hovered candle appears next to it.

Keep reading even if you are new to programming, because only a basic understanding is needed to follow along and master such a JavaScript based data visualization technique. Creating candlestick charts in JavaScript is easy and convenient and HTML canvases are a great solution for small and interactive elements on a website. The best option for interactive website elements is canvases. You can easily draw simple 2D shapes and text, and that’s all we are going to need for candlestick charts. Also called a Japanese candlestick chart, this chart type is one of the most popular forms of financial and stock data visualization. Each candlestick represents information about the open, high, low, and close price of the day.

Step-3: Creating candle stick chart

Though not provided out of the box, the selection capability can be implemented using the UI component API. Refer to the onPointClick property description for details. Specifies series elements to be highlighted when a user selects a point. HoverStyle – specifies the appearance of series in the hover state.


Candlestick charts are widely used in technical analysis of price movement patterns. A JavaScript chart library that renders candlestick charts with technical indicators to describe price movements/trends of a security, derivative, or currency. A usage example of my candlestick chart class, the data comes from the Binance API, full code below.One feature that I haven’t tested yet, is using the candlestick chart class for live market data.

I am using the Binance API for this, but there are a lot of other API options for cryptocurrencies and stocks out there. Declared in commonSeriesSettings, selectionStyle applies to all series in the chart. Declared in a series configuration object, selectionStyle applies to this particular series only. The series-specific selectionStyle overrides the common one. Color – colors the frame of a series point in candlestick series.

Candlestick charts always looked very confusing to me because I never bothered to understand them. However, when I finally did, I realized they are actually quite easy and straightforward to read. A JavaScript library for candlestick pattern detection. Now before you go into the example I would like to point some of the changes we made to make it work. First, you will need to import the Momentjs library in the HTML part of the code. You can see our example below that already has changes included from the Highcharts JSfiddle code to make it work.


Binance offers a WebSocket API to get live candlestick updates and I would like to build my own live Bitcoin price ticker with it in the future. With a bit of extra logic to handle live updates, the candlestick chart class is going to come in handy for this. This example shows basic implementation of candlestick chart using OHLCSeries. This type of chart is used as a trading tool to visualize price movements. A candlestick figure can represent multiple recorded values, which are packed into 4 values .

How to Create JavaScript Candlestick Chart

PointSelectionMode – specifies whether only one or several series points can stay selected. If this property is not specified, the series will belong to the default pane. Specifies whether the series should ignore null data points. Configures the appearance adopted by the series when a user points to it.

If the number of points in a series increases over time, there comes a time when it becomes so massive that displaying labels for them makes the chart too cluttered. In this instance, to keep the chart clear to the viewer, specify a limit for the number of point labels using the maxLabelCount property. Once this limit is exceeded, all point labels of the series will be hidden.


The group includes only those points that fall within the same interval on the argument axis. See aggregationInterval and aggregationGroupWidth for details on dividing the axis into intervals. Alternatively, series points can be aggregated by categories.

The TLT Fund’s Charts Are Telling Us a Story About Trends in Rates – RealMoney

The TLT Fund’s Charts Are Telling Us a Story About Trends in Rates.

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Add() can be called with a single XOHLC-object or with an array of them. Stack Exchange network consists of 181 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. If you have technical questions, please create a support ticket in the DevExpress Support Center. Series.selectionStyle – specifies the appearance of series points in the selected state. When a user selects a point, its series may react in one of the following ways depending on the value of the selectionMode property.

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